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Information about out sunglasses frames and lenses.


What's the UV protection on your sunglasses?

All Kraywoods sunglasses are made with UV 400 protection lenses optimized to prevent eye exposure to both UVA and UVB rays, blocking 100% of the sun’s harmful radiations.

Are Kraywoods sunglasses polarized?

Most Kraywoods sunglasses are equipped with TAC Polarized lenses to eliminate reflective glare and enhance contrast, delivering superior visual clarity and comfort. To shop our Polarized Sunglasses collection, click here.

Can I get my prescription fitted in Kraywoods sunglasses frame?

Unfortunately not, we do not recommend attempting to put prescription lenses in your Kraywoods sunglasses, as they may break and we will not be able to offer warranty services on them. If you're looking to customize your glasses with a prescription o

How can I find the right size for my sunglasses?

The sizes and dimensions of the sunglasses vary from one style to the other, these specifications can be found in the product description of each style. Kraywoods sunglasses are sorted in three sizes: small size, medium-size and large size. Please re